Spicy Masala Cookies (Khara Cookies)

About Spicy Masala Cookies

Masala Cookies/Khara Biscuit come out so flaky and buttery you would love to munch on it with a cup of coffee/tea even as mild morning snacks .Khara biscuits were first made by a famous bakery in Bangalore called Iyengar’s it started in 1800s still running by fourth generation .These cookies are famous over south India .This is a cookie/ biscuit that I make very often for my family as we love to savor and spicy gives a touch of curry leaves ginger in the mouth. These cookies/biscuits are excellent snack in Karnataka its spicy and with all the aromas and while we have the crunch sound in the mouth gives all the taste of the cookies. Do trying making this khara cookies at home you can scroll down for the recipe and any queries comment and let me know in the comment box.

Recipe: Spicy Masala Cookies

There’s nothing quite like a batch of homemade Spicy Masala Cookies. These cookies are very crispy with a good flavor. Add a teaspoon of haldi powder, crushed groundnuts to differ the taste if you desire. Please find the recipe in the link below to make your own healthy spicy masala cookies at home and do let me know how u felt making the cookies with the help of the recipe below

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